Other solutions have given online meetings a bad name.

One that's synonymous with frustration and wasted time.

Cisco meeting solutions bring you a more simplified and effective collaboration experience. One that never gets in the way of a big breakthrough―and makes it more engaging to work with your peers, no matter where they are.

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7 reasons to give Cisco Meeting Solutions a try

1. Bid farewell to meeting frustration.

Glitches and technical issues waste time, lower enthusiasm, and divert attention. Our solutions are built to encourage interaction, not distraction, with:

  • Integrated audio, video, and content sharing
  • Built-in sharing for documents, presentations, applications, or the entire screen
  • Digital white boards
  • Active speaker technology that focuses the camera on whoever’s talking in the room

2. Invigorate your business with better collaboration.

Our solutions help all participants connect as if they’re meeting in person:

  • Push a single button to start or enter meetings
  • Participate via mobile devices or a different video system, such as Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Get the full experience, no matter where you are, on virtually any device
  • Enable users to host meetings in permanent, personal meeting rooms

3. Pick the implementation that works for you.

We offer meeting solutions on-premises, in the cloud, and a hybrid of both. Our SaaS cloud offerings can be implemented quickly and seamlessly to almost instantly transform your organization’s collaboration capabilities. Our on-premises solutions are simple to install and operate on your hardware, too.

4. Use it for more than internal needs.

Customer consultations. Townhall meetings. Webcasts. Training sessions. Our flexible architecture supports whatever you need your videoconferencing to do, and enhances your ROI along the way.

5. Relive the excitement anytime.

Integrated recording functionality means your attendees can replay the meeting whenever they need to, and share it with anyone who needs to be brought up to speed.

6. Speak freely thanks to integrated security.

  • Encrypt network-based recordings so that unauthorized parties can’t view them
  • Prevent unauthorized attendees from joining meetings in personal rooms
  • Add attendance security to internal meetings to ensure only approved users can join
  • Protect sensitive data in transport with 128-bit SSL version 3 encryption

7. Scale without breaking a sweat.

We make it easy to seamlessly add more user capacity to your implementation as needs increase.


Already a Cisco customer?

Our meeting solutions can help you get more from your existing Cisco investments, such as a richer and more streamlined experience from your phone and desktop video endpoints, Cisco Jabber, and Cisco Spark.

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