Managed SIEM Solutions

Streamline Security
Across Your Organization

Every key stroke, every click, every activity of your organization leaves a digital footprint, but you need the right technology and expertise to collect, manage and analyze that data. Implementing security measures isn’t enough, you need to make sure they’re actually happening—consistently—to prove you’re meeting compliance requirements. But, maintaining a compliance audit trail is extremely tedious and is even more daunting knowing every department uses different tools, operating systems and apps.

Managed SIEM Solutions by Ubisec Systems

Ubisec Systems’ managed SIEM solutions provide a management layer above your existing security systems and controls that give you a holistic, enterprise-wide view of all activity. From monitoring your SIEM system and analyzing data to securing breaches and implementing disaster prevention plans, we’ll centralize your systems to keep your IT secure and your mind at ease.

Benefits of Managed SIEM Solutions:

  • Minimize risk
  • Streamline compliance
  • Proactively detect and avoid threats
  • Protect your data, employees and customers
  • Continuous real-time reporting
  • Ensure your recovery plan works 24/7/365

Learn how Ubisec provides real-time resolutions
with managed SIEM solutions.