Managed Endpoint Security

Keep the Bugs Out with
Managed Endpoint Security

Don’t fall for the biggest mistake organizations make—believing antivirus software is enough to protect your assets. For today’s sophisticated, and often hidden, attacks you need comprehensive solutions. Would you lock all the doors and windows in your home, but leave your safe open? It takes more than simple locks to keep thieves from stealing or damaging your personal property. The same applies to your IT. Not only do you need to keep your servers and networks protected, you also need to protect your endpoints, mobile devices, and everything in between.

Managed Endpoint Security by Ubisec Systems

Ubisec Systems identifies all endpoints including tablets, laptops and mobile devices that may be connected to your network. We’ll install, deploy and manage security measures across all devices and endpoints, plus educate your team on best practices for keeping mobile and wireless devices secure. From blocking malware to protecting email, host protection and maintaining real-time intelligence, we’ll proactively monitor your environment and manage threats quickly to protect you against unauthorized access, loss and compromise.

Benefits of Managed Endpoint Security:

  • Minimize risk
  • Protect your data, employees and customers
  • Continuous real-time reporting
  • Know you’re always up to date with the latest regulations
  • Empower employees to spot threats
  • Be sure your recovery plan works when you need it

Discover how outsourcing IT security will better protect you from disaster.