Managed Email Security

Detect, Intercept and Protect Your Email with
Email IT Security Solutions

Email is a critical productivity and communication tool for your business, but it’s often the weakest link in your chain of security. As much as 70 percent of all email traffic is considered spam. That means 70 percent of incoming emails could potentially infect your machines and cause downtime resulting in costly data breaches and compliance fines. Spam and antivirus software are helpful, but don’t offer protection from all malware, phishing and hacking attempts.

Managed Email Security Solutions by Ubisec Systems

Protecting your clients and employees means investing in reliable email security. Ubisec Systems offers affordable email IT solutions for businesses in Los Angeles and Orange County that allow your team to communicate and share information without worrying about system breaches or data theft via email. We monitor and detect potential threats before anyone in your office even knows they exist. We’ll give you that extra layer of protection so you can stay productive without worries and headaches.

Benefits of Managed Email Security Solutions:

  • Protect confidential and sensitive data
  • Proactively resolve threats before they cause damage
  • Ensure compliance requirements are met
  • Detect vulnerabilities far beyond antivirus software
  • Gain peace of mind without a significant change in protocol

Find out how Ubisec Systems makes email security affordable and effective.