Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

Stay Ahead of Hackers with
Intrusion Prevention

Internet security is constantly trying to keep up with the evolution of hackers and spammers as they become more sophisticated and dangerous. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to have effective, up-to-date security systems in place to keep a watchful eye on individual computers and your entire network. While the range of potential threats has grown, you can be confident knowing Ubisec Systems always stays three steps ahead.

IPS by Ubisec Systems

Ubisec System believes in a preventative security solution. Unlike an intrusion detection system that sits outside of the line of traffic and observes, intrusion prevention sits directly in the line of fire to monitor and analyze network traffic for malicious activity or other actions that violate an organization’s security policies. By spotting and removing unwanted “visitors”, you’ll be able to increase network availability, prevent downtime and safeguard your organization.

Benefits of IPS Solutions:

  • Stay ahead of potential problems with real-time monitoring
  • Minimize damage with quick detection and diagnosis of performance issues
  • Contain risk with timely identification and notification
  • Eliminate disruption with remote installation and testing
  • Get fast answers with 24/7 help-desk support
  • Support compliance initiatives

Reinforce your network with a second layer of defense.