Managed Wireless Solutions

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Managed Wireless Solutions

Data networks and Internet connectivity have changed the face of computing. Users and devices across the globe interact with each other as if they were in the same room, opening up a wealth of opportunities. Now, more than ever, the ability to stay connected is crucial. But, setting up and maintaining a reliable, secure data network requires the right expertise.

Managed Wireless Solutions from Ubisec Systems

Ubisec Systems opens up a whole new world of anytime productivity with a reliable wireless network that adds value no matter where work takes you. Whether you’re looking to maximize productivity with BYOD solutions, or you need tablets, laptops, scanners or phones, we have the secure wireless solution for you. Our expert engineering team begins by translating your requirements into specific recommendations, then designs, implements and manages it all so you can leave your worries behind and focus on achieving your goals.

Benefits of Managed Wireless Solutions:

  • Get an impartial evaluation of your existing network
  • Improve workforce mobility and flexibility
  • Increase security with wireless best practices
  • Simplify implementation of BYOD policies
  • Control network access for guest users
  • Access 24/7/365 technical support

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Mobility is dramatically changing the way work gets done. But to truly transform the mobile enterprise requires native apps running on superior devices over the world’s top corporate networks.

To meet this need, Apple and Cisco together are creating an exceptional app and voice experience for iPhone and iPad on corporate networks. It combines new features in iOS 10 with the latest networking software and hardware from Cisco. This helps businesses everywhere take full advantage of their infrastructures to deliver a great user experience for apps, calling, and collaboration.

This partnership has three main focus areas: networking, voice, and collaboration. While more is in development, the initial set of offerings involves three separate features that build upon each other:

  • Optimizing Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Prioritizing business apps
  • Integrating voice and collaboration

Break free with managed wireless solutions from Ubisec Systems.