Virtual CIO and CSO

Tackle Your Toughest Challenges with
Virtual CIO and Virtual CSO Services

When it comes to IT, you need someone who can approach things strategically to ensure your technical needs are addressed and IT operations are focused on your goals. And, when it comes to IT security, it’s even more important. Ubisec Systems does more than provide reliable IT support in Los Angeles and Orange County—our Virtual CIO and Virtual CSO services merge our extensive IT knowledge and business consulting expertise to provide you with the benefits of a senior IT executive without the cost.

Virtual CIO and Virtual CSO Solutions by Ubisec Systems

Ubisec Systems’ virtual CIO and CSO solutions come equipped with extensive technical experience across a range of IT environments. We’ll apply that technology expertise to help achieve your short- and long-term objectives. The virtual CSO—specializing in security—ensures your business goals incorporate a security plan from the beginning and develops a plan of action for all potentially devastating cyber threats.

Benefits of Virtual CIO and CSO Services:

  • Affordable IT expertise
  • Guidance in making strategic IT decisions
  • Proactive planning to stay ahead of the curve
  • Cost savings vs. hiring in-house tech support personnel
  • Real-time tools for monitoring, detection, isolation and resolution
  • Remote or on-site support

Let Ubisec provide you with the IT knowhow you need to achieve your goals and stay secure.